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part dream part fantasy story

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It starts off at an incredibly huge party

however it is not an ordinary party

most of the crowd is naked and sexual acts are being performed everywhere

all the men seem to be slaves wearing dog collars and being controlled by women

looking around most of the people and faces are not very clear

except one

one woman just stood out from everyone else

she was very tall, slender, and had very long black hair

she was wearing a cat mask that covered her eyes

and a black leather body suit with chains that wrapped around her body

suddenly she begins to walk towards me she grabs my hand and walks me towards a hot tub

we both get in and she begins running her fingers through my hair then she starts kissing my neck

at the same time she begins to touch my clit

i then grab her legs and put them over my shoulder

i start to lick her clit with gentle short strokes with my tongue

then i slowly begin to put my finger up her pussy

as i glide my finger in and out i begin to feel her pussy getting warmer and wetter and her moaning is getting louder and louder

then suddenly i am pushed forward from behind now i am on top of the woman and then a hand grabs my hair pushing my upper body up

suddenly i am blindfolded

i feel hands grabbing and touching my entire body

then i feel a hard cock shoved inside of me

at the same time i feel soft lips kissing my entire body and licking my nipples

then i feel one tongue that glides down from my neck to my pussy

this tongue begins licking my clit with rapid strokes

meanwhile someone is fucking me hard from behind

i can feel his hard cock dripping wet in my cum

(ok break time for me i am getting horny just writing this gotta go take care of business)

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