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Tiesto at Club Space 8-18-02

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can anyone help me out...i'm looking for this song from the set...dont know if it's plastic boy or not (from tracklist)...the thing is that the mix has a lot of fade ins and outs...this song is right before In My Memory and it's a great vocal with nice beat...if you d/l the whole set, it begins around the 65:00 mark of the set...vocals begin with the word 'falling...'

if anyone can get back to me at my email, greatly appreciated

[email protected]

set can be found from tranceaddict

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Way Out West- Mindcircus (Gabriel and Dresden)

sounds like the track ur talking about....

heres the rest of the list if im wrong


DATE: 18-08-2002

01. Saphire Cut - Free Your Mind (DT's Original Club Mix) 0.00

02. Accessive Rhythm - Activate 1.49

03. Moby - Extreme Ways (DJ Tiësto's Instrumental Mix) 6.40

04. Three Drives - Carrera 2 10.40

05. Solar Stone - Solar Coaster 17.10

06. King Unique - Sugar High 22.02

07. Midway - Monkey Forest 27.00

08. Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun (DJ Tiësto Remix) 34.56

09. DJ Tiësto - Obsession 43.43

10. Flash - The Day After (Perfecto Remix) 50.42

11. Energy 52 - Café del Mar (John 00 Flemming Remix) 57.44

12. Way Out West - Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) 64.46

13. DJ Tiësto - Lethal Industry 73.14

14. Plastic Boy - Silver Bath 73.52

15. DJ Tiësto - In My Memory (V-One Remix) 74.32

16. M.O.R.P.H. - Maximum Overdrive (Benicio Remix) 80.50

17. Exor vs. Project Medusa - Moonshine (Part 2) 87.20

18. Jericho - Personal Reflection (Trance Mix) 92.44

19. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Reworked Club Mix) 99.04

20. Miro - By Your Side 106.30

21. Mass Effect - Alphascan 111.31

22. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth (Airwave Remix) 119.26

TOTAL TIME: 125.09

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