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FSU QB Kicked Off Team

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Originally posted by jaquan

Adrian McPherson has been kicked off the team today by Bowden. The police are involved, and apparently it involves a stolen blank check and gambling.

That's too bad.........Adrian is a talented kid... I will be in his hometown of Bradenton on Wednesday to visit my grandparents for the holidayz... I remember when he won the Best player in the state awards and his "big" decision to go to FSU...........

*sigh* He must have gambled w/ the same crew as Chris Webber:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


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Originally posted by lolahotass

:nono: :nono: :nono:

No breast stroke lessons for you during

WMC:finger: :finger: :finger: :laugh:


I meant that football contigency.......Maimi, FSU, and Florida

Them football fruitloops can run around in circles for all I care.......just remember come March I'll show my swim move while you're showin me the breaststroke;)

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