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im going out...

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i think i want to tell everyone that im sorry for leading you guys on... no matter how much i want to be straight. i think im not.

for some strange reason, i was hanging out with this guy. we became good friends. and one night we got a little messed up with the funny water, and the nasty occurred. well now we are happily together, and he is great. and he also gives a good blowjob.

but the thing is... he has the same name as me. and its kinda weird. i mean think about of it this way...

RAUL <3 RAUL ???

is that that wierd...

ohh well...

i love him thou. he uses no teeth, all lips, and his lips are soo big its soo good. its like a big red banana peel. wraps around my dick like a tire on a rim. damn.

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