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Tough call! I don't really have a favorite club, but I have favorite nights. I guess my favorite nights of the week are Thursdays at ManRay and Fridays at Axis.

ManRay's gay night (Campus) on Thursdays are fabulous! DJ Gwynn, in the front room, is f*ckin' AWESOME! I can't think of even one night where he didn't deliver. And the DJ in the back room (I think his name is Ewen) is cool, too, if you're into remixed 80s music. Besides all that, the place is generally PACKED with hotboys who usually start taking their shirts off around midnight. =P~~~

I also like Axis on Fridays, mostly for the sexy str8 boys and the music upstairs. The DJ (who's name I forget) upstairs spins a wicked good variety of disco and 80s music, plus some cool modern stuff.

So, yeah, I guess those would be considered my two favorite clubs.

- Brant


"Lord, it's hard to be humble...when you're perfect in every way! I can't wait to look in the mirror...I get better lookin' every day!"

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