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Need info for trip to Boston

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Hi everyone,

I am coming to Boston in August to go to Avalon...(the weekend of August 10th)

I need to know of any hotels that are near there. At least within the vicinity of a short cab-ride....




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The Hotel Buckminster is OK I think (I went to a party there once). But the good thing about it is that it's in Kenmore Square which is literally next door to Landsdown street (i.e. Avalon). Besides that, any hotel besides the airport is going to be a "short" cab ride because Boston is fucking tiny! Depends on how much $$ you feel like spending...


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There is a hotel, I think it's a howard johnsons, on Boylston St. It's right near Lansdowne St. where Avalon is located. It's around 1260 Boylston St, next to the WBCN studio. That's the closest one I can think of. Hope that helped

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