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Points are tallied based on you answer to each question.

African-Americans should:

1. Have equal opportunity

2. Stay with their own kind

3. Be owned or deported

4. Be shot


1. Should have equal rights

2. Should stay in the home

3. Are only good for one thing

4. Should be shot

People of different religions:

1. Are as worthy as I

2. Should become what I am

3. Are going to Hell

4. Should be shot

Homosexuals should:

1. Have equal rights

2. Become heterosexual

3. Be beat up

4. Be shot


1. Are fine with me

2. Are pinko commies

3. Are evil tools of Satan

4. Should be shot

Hillary Clinton:

1. Is a bright articulate women

2. Is a bitch

3. I hate so much my teeth hurt

4. Should be shot


1. Should be treated fairly

2. Exist for our pleasure

3. Should be shot and eaten

4. Should be shot to rot

Bigotry and racism:

1. Are wrong

2. Are my right

3. Are good

4. Are my best traits


1. Should move to pluralism

2. Are worse than Hitler

3. Are evil tools of Satan

4. Should be shot

Affirmative Action:

1. Is the right thing to do

2. Is okay unless it affects me

3. Is racism worse than Jim Crow

4. Makes me want to shoot people

Jesse Jackson:

1. Keeps hope alive

2. Is an uppity Negro

3. I hate so much my hair bleeds

4. Should be shot

Bill Clinton:

1. Is a good President

2. I hate so much my ears bleed

3. Is a baby murdering communist

4. Should be shot

SCORE: Add up prefix numbers of each answer.

12-15 Human

16-24 Conservative

25-36 Conservanazi

37-48 Conservanazi from Hell

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