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Sex Laws in US....*giggle*

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Did you know that it's against the law in Arizona to have anal intercourse after eating any food item that contains bread, or yogurt.

So if you want some heavy slated anal intrusion and your headed to the Grand Canyon, make sure that you don't each a hoagie sandwich.


In the State of Washington it's legal for a man to salivate in his lover's anus, but his female partner cannot do the same.

I guess that if a guy is in Seattle and wants to get his "salad tossed" then he'll have to settle for a chicken Caesar with croutons.

Rhode Island:

It is illegal for a woman to give a blow job to a guy in Rhode Island if the guy is not her husband.

This brings a new meaning to the old saying "Up the ladder but down the chute".


Nevada is the only State in the US where prostitution is legal. It is also the only state where a father or mother can have sex with their offspring as long as they are working in a legal brothel.

I guess that Alabama residents will begin having their family reunions in Nevada.


It's illegal to have sex while riding a farm animal.


Hawaii is only one of two US states that allow homosexual marriages. Do you know the other?

West Virginia:

West Virginia is the only State that has more victims of "Male" on "Male" rapes than "Male on Female" rapes.


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