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The Party to be at in Vegas!! New Years

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Just thought I would let you all know that Spundae is throwing the party this year at HOB - What you read about Oakie was last year and dont worry you did not miss a darn thisn it sucked ( or at least I was informed it did)

Anyhow to the situation at hand

Crystal Method

Dirty Vegas

Sandra Collins (the goddess herself)

Robert Olysick (he rocks big time- opened last year for oakie and apparently was the best part of the show)

and someone else cant remember who at the moment.. ahhh

But anyhow looks like it should be tons of fun--- dont know ticket prices yet because I cant find them-

Other than that I myself who lives in vegas has not heard much about the other clubs no real hype this year. Utopia says they have a great line up but no release yet!! Everything else is expensive and overrated yes. Forewarning RAIN is not as cool as it "Looks" on the Real World. The dance floor is small and elevated.. you must be VIP to have a palce to sit and the sound system is not that great it is just loud!! They play mostly hip hop.. (it goes back and forth) Not to pop anyones bubbles but just a warning.

Could be just ones opinion too..

Hope I gave a good suggestion and have a great holiday!!

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