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wats goin on new yrs in boston??

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AVALON BOX OFFICE 617 536 2100




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On December 31st, 2002

True Productions wants you to make:

**** A - N E W - Y E A R ' S ****

****** R E Z O L U T I O N ******

at the Asylum - Springfield, MA

// A R E A 1: (main arena)

- FRANKIE BONES (2:45-4:00 AM- techno/ tech house)


(Sonic Groove, East Music Group, Moonshine, System Recordings/ NYC)

Not only at the forefront of a musical revolution, Frankie was at its very inception on both sides of the Atlantic, and he has been an integral part of this culture ever since. He is Considered the Godfather of the American rave scene, Frankie helped shape the hard-edge East Coast sound. It was on his first Transatlantic journey to the UK that dramatically changed his life forever – spinning in front of 25,000 people at "Energy" (an event just out side of London) gave him his inspiration to bring "the gift of dance" to America. From that point on, he came back to the US to lay the groundwork for what became the foundation of "East Coast Techno." Throughout the nineties, Frankie continued to bring music to the masses through his label Sonic Groove Recordings, and his store Sonic Groove Records in Greenwich Village, NYC (which still stands today as one of the best independent techno record shops). His relentless touring schedule has landed him in every corner of the globe through THOUSANDS of different events, which have all played a role in the making of this rave icon. His djing career has seen him playing alongside the likes of his contemporaries Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, and Josh Wink, just to name a few. These are just a few reasons why you know his name! In closing, True Productions is very proud to welcome in this New Year with the man, the myth, the legend.... FRANKIE BONES!

- STEVE PORTER (1:30-2:45 AM- tech house/ techno/ progressive)

(Growroom, Fade, Bedrock, magnified rec, balance promote group/ MA/ NYC)

No one deserves to celebrate the closing of 2002 more than Steve Porter, for this past year has been a year to remember for Steve Porter. He has gone from being a local Western Mass DJ/ Growroom Records employee (1997-2001), to recently co-headlining a global tour as SASHA's opening dj. There is no question that Steve's career has grown tremendously over the last few years. He originally discovered the world of dance music while flipping through the “Techno†section of the local Amherst CD shop in 1996, and it was only months before he was spinning these beats. He later landed himself a retail position in "Growroom Records"in '97. This position expanded his musical palette, and gave him the best access to the music he loved. By the Summer of ’98, Steve’s passion grew beyond just DJing as he began purchasing equipment to make his own tracks. With no musical training, he began to put together tracks purely on observation and study. It wasn't long before 4 demo tracks found their way into Chris Fortier’s hands. Chris immediately recognized Steve's talent, and brought him under his wing. These 4 tracks were polished and released in the summer of 1999 on Fade Records, Steve’s new home. Steve quickly became noticed with top DJs such as Sasha and John Digweed playing the tracks. The second release was titled “Sensor" and “Mindless†and took Steve to another level. To date these two tracks have made their way onto 10 compilations including Anthony Pappa’s NuBreed CD for Global Underground. Riding this wave of success, many labels from around the world began seeking Steve to remix tracks for their labels. He has since created some of the classic remixes of 2001, and he has continued to ride that wave straight through 2002 with hugely successful releases off of labels such as Fade, Bedrock & Magnified Recordings.

- DJ X-DREAM (12:15-1:30 AM- uplifting tech trance)

(Topaz Records, Caffeine, djxdream.com/ Long Island)

"My new Year's Resolution is to Work harder in 2003 to be the person and the artist I have always aspired to be. More sex Release more original material; and to have that three-way I've always wanted. and less talk, Make Love not War. To Lose some weight and be a shredded Adonis!'

- PLEASUREHEAD (11:15-12:15 AM- deep bass trance)

(Topaz Rec, Stuck On Earth, pleasurehead.com/ NYC)

"My New Year's Resolution is To stop listening to the voices inside my head, to marry a candy raver, and keep spinning the trouser arousers!"

- DJ HUSH w/ live percussionist CHIP (4:00-5:00 AM- hypnotizing house)

(Growroom, Greenhouse Effect, Mothertongue Records/ MA)

"My New Year's Resolution is to continue honing my inner diva through disco"

- KNOWLEDGE (10:15-11:15 PM- fusion house/ techno)

(Columns of Knowledge Recordings, columnsofknowledge.com/ CT)

"My New Year's Resolution is to continue driving the big COK bulldozer through the underground, extricating the musical tidbits that generate that spark of inspiration, to kill the drama, streamline the baggage, fight the BS, make Columns of Knowledge Recordings dominate YOUR system, keep the game alive, and lastly to smooth out my son's mixes a tad."

- ENTROPY (5:00-6:00 AM- Hardcore)

(Bhpc, Nsr, Happy Vibe Rec, Cheesestep Rec/ Boston)

*Old School closing set*

"My New Year's Resolution is to devote more time to writing my book, and less time to riding around Boston naked in a shopping cart, screaming "Woohooooo!", and drinking Milwaukee's Best."

- WEEZ (9:15-10:15 PM- electronic house & breaks)

(True Productions, Weez.net/ MA)

"My New Year's Resolution is to do all of the resolutions that everyone else has written here- since they aren't going to!

- ASSASSINATION THEORY (8:00-9:15 PM- breaks vs. techno)

****aka: Necromancer vs. Endo****

(Never-ending Echo, C.O.K. Rec., Versatile Groove, Red Blooded Rec./ MA) vs. (www.btownsound.com, Flex/ VT)

"My New Year's Resolution is to git d0wn"- necromancer

"My New Year's Resolution is to start producing music"- endo

// A R E A 2 (the drum n' bass arena):

- DJ TEEBEE- (12:30-1:45 AM- drum & bass)

(Metalheadz, Subtitles, Prototype, Contagious Musiq/ NORWAY)

Torgeir Byrkines aka Teebee, reigns from the icey region of Bergen, Norway, and he packs an arsenal of unstoppable surround sound audio kicks for your mind to move to, and your body to groove to. He is one of the most respected names in the elitist world of Drum n' bass, and after considering his vigorous global tour schedule; we realize we are blessed to have the opportunity to spend our New Year's him. There is no other DJ in the world that we would rather have headline our Drum n' Bass room this New Year's Eve. With an unmatched source of energy and precision, he is a master of two turntables as well as the production studio. His emotional take on Drum & Bass will bring you on a journey through your soul on this New Year's night.

- FRANKIE BONES (4:00-5:00 AM)

****very rare old School Ragga D&B set****

(Storm Rave, NYC)

"My New Years Resolution is to RINSE THE HELL out of this fuckin' Jungle room for the late night crew!!"

- BURNER BROTHERS (1:45-3:00 AM- drum & bass)

****aka: Pish Posh vs. Dj Seen****

(Subtype, Direct drive, Rawkuts, djwallypishposh.com/ NYC)

"My New Year's Resolution is to continue pushing the boundaries in the avant garde"- Pish Posh

"My New Year's Resolution is to stop smoking these damn cancer sticks"- Dj Seen

- DJ ODI vs. ALDER (11:15-12:30 AM- drum and bass)

****4 turntables & 2 mixers****

(digital konfusion, g force, raverporn.net, nemesis distribution/ NYC) vs.

(kaotic clothing, taciturn, sunset pressings, cerebral integration, argon, / L.A.)

"My New Year's Resolution is to stop throwing quarters at strippers and only throw silver dollars"- odi

"My New Year's Resolution is to get sponsored by ST. Ides Malt Liquor"- alder

- TODD BUCKLER vs. SLAPINFUNK (10:00-11:15 PM- drum & bass)

****Final Scratch Soundclash between 2 of NE's best D&B Products****

(Columns of Knowledge Recordings/ CT) vs. (EyeSpinRecords.com, 4Front/ L.A.)

"My New Year's Resolution is NO MORE STEROIDS"- buckler

"My New Year's Resolution is to keep banging out tune after tune!"- slappinfunk

- JOSEF FAZOR (3:00-4:00 AM- drum & bass)

(Sixth Sense Communications/ hyperbreaks/ NJ)

"My New Year's Resolution is to bring you the freshest tunes and sickest sets to be seen in 2003."

- DJ BANE (9:00-10:00 AM- drum & bass)

(True Productions/ MA)

"My New Year's Resolution is to quit tea bagging passed out people on early Sunday mornings"

- JOSH HOLIDAY (5:00-6:00 AM- drum and bass)

(Local 13, DnBASF Records, Just 2/ Philly)

"My New Years Resolution is to be treated 24/7 brp brp........"

- KARISA (8:00-9:00- drum & bass)

(True, Growroom records, MA)

"My New Years Resolution is to save up enough money to moove to NYC"

// M C ' S:


(Truecrew.com, MA/ME)

"My New Years Resolution is to learn how to spell 'intallekt'"


(Sixth Sense Communications, Hyperbreaks/ NJ)

"My New Year's Resolution is to give up drinking tequila, especially the worm!!"


(Topnotchmusic.com, twisted reality/ NYC)

"My new year resolution is to do all in my power to change for the best, to be able to better take care of myself and by doing so, becoming a superior artist, friend, lover, and most of all a better son."

// AREA 3: *newly renovated*

- DJ ODI (1:00-4:00 AM)

(N.A.S.A./ NYC)

****3 HOURS- very special "past to present" set ranging from circa 1988-1998****

Breakbeat house, acid house, original old school rave... Think Todd terry, frankie bones, little louie vega, tommy musto, fast eddie, ritchie hawtin, anything on transmat; and then moving into some Suburban Base, Moving Shadow, all the old school breakbeat!! Basically from the start to when it changed. Over 3 hours of old school madness.... To show the kids where they came from and to take the old school heads back where they belong....

- CIRCUIT BREAKER (12:00-1:00 AM- hard techno/ hardkore)

(djcircuitbreaker.com, hard to swallow, contaminated muzik, sympty, prm, 611/ Philly)

"My New Year's Resolution is to give lepinski the hucklebuck down in the corner of the bar"

- DJ PAULY (4:00-5:00 AM- acid trance)

(Sympty Productions, Sympty.com, East Music, NY/NJ)

"My New Year's Resolution is to set shit off RIGHT in 2003' with this performance- DANCE [email protected]#ERS !!

- PAT FONTES (11:00-12:00 AM)

(Satellite Records, BOSTON)

"My New Year's Resolution is to live life to fullest with no regrets, and only wishes for the future Musically and Mentally - and to take this music to the next level..."

- WARCHILD vs. SYN (10:00-11:00 PM- hardkore/ gabber)

(RPC, Airplane Clique, Just Two Managment/ Boston) vs. (Convergence Productions, Ainc/ MA)

"My New Year's Resolution is to drink more and think less..."- warchild

"My New Year's Resolution is to stand Hardcore against: racism, prejudice and violence. Find a cute girl. Eat more soy, and enjoy more beer."- syn

- JACK McDEVVIIT (5:00-6:00- nu skool breaks)

(Volume Productions, NH)

"My New Year's Resolution is i'll try to act my age, and always ask the girls theirs.."

- DJ PARALLAX (9:00-10:00 PM- acid techno)

(PaRaLLaX SoUnDz, Nocturnal Trance Missions, MA)

"My New Year's Resolution for this year is, I will no longer pee the bed...

- K-SWISS (8:00-9:00- funky house)

(the groove coalition, nine2five/ NH)

"My New Year's Resolution is to continue to bring the funk the way it was meant to be brought"

// A R E A 4: (upstairs VIP room)

***hosted by growroom records****

with music brought to you by:


Special Old School FUNK, DISCO, & HOUSE CLASSICS SET; to set shit off RIGHT after the ball drops



- M.I.A.


// O U R - N E W - Y E A R ' S - R E S O L U T I O N :

Our New Year's Resolution is to no longer take anything for granted, for if we have learned ANYTHING in this past year 2002; we learned that things we hold dearest to out hearts can be taken away at any given moment. As we come to the close of another year, and we watch our places to dance continue to dwindle away more and more as they have been, we at True give thanx to the fact that we have the Asylum to call our home. MOST of all, we would like to thank all of you for partying with us here through the years, for none of this would be possible without you're support. As we head into our fourth year here at the Asylum, we are constantly working to broaden our horizons and yours through the power of music and community. We ask you to put in a little work as well! Share in the same Resolution as us; and that is to NEVER take anything for granted. Step into every party as if it was your LAST! With the ever-looming RAVE Act picking up speed, we may not have a place to dance in the near future! But we can't let that kill us... We must work together now more than EVER before. Contribute more energy than you ever have before! Appreciate your fellow brother and sister more than you ever have before! Dance harder than you have ever danced before!! All we ask is for you to all rise up, be seen, be heard; show them that WE HAVE A SOUL!!, for they can NEVER take that away from us...

// G E N E R A L - I N F O :


The Asylum

1592 Main St. Springfield, MA

(1.5 hour drive from- BOSTON, MA)

(45 minute drive from- WORCESTER, MA)

(30 minute drive from- HARTFORD, CT)

(45 minute drive from- BRATELBORO, VT)

(3.5 hour drive from- BURLINGTON, VT)

(1.5 hour drive from- PROVIDENCE, RI)

(1.5 hour drive from- NASHUA, NH)

(2.0 hour drive from- MANCHESTER, NH)

(3.5 hour drive from- LEWISTON, ME)

(2.5 hour drive from - NYC)

(1.5 hour drive from- ALBANY, NY)

(4.5 hour drive from- PHILLADELPHIA, PA)

// H O U R S:

8PM - 6AM

// P R I C E:

- $32- in advance- (until December 1st)

- $37 - in advance (after December 1st)

***More at the Door****

// V I P - L A M I N A T E S :

-$50- in advance, more at the door!!

Do up your new year's RIGHT, and get the VIP treatment! Buy an all access VIP LAMINATE, and it will grant you preferred LINE PRIVILEGES, as well as access to the VIP ROOM; which will will feature:

- free professional massages

- free drinks (red bull, water, coffee)

- free food

- many giveaways (hats, t-shirts, cds, tapes hoodies, stickers, glowsticks)

// E N T R Y :


- Be sure to get yout presale tickets to solidify your entrance. This event WILL sell out! We will have 2 AVAILABLE ENTRANCES to ensure a quick and speedy admittance, for we don't want anyone stuck outside in line when the ball drops!! PRESALE TICKET HOLDERS will enter through the Drum n' Bass room entrance (at the corner of Main & Worthington Streets). CASH PAYING PATRONS will enter through the main entrance.

// P R O D U C T I O N :



Tonight, True Lasers will be going ALL OUT with nearly everything we've got! Prepare for total sensory overload! If you have yet to witness this crew in action, make it your New Year's Resolution to do so! They are among the best in the business!!



Tranz TV will be providing us with at least one 12 foot visual screen in every room of the club, on which they will be projecting LIVE CROWD PARTICIPATION, MAIN STAGE DJ ACTION, as well as some TWISTED VISUALS!!..They will also be playing a major role in the LIVE FEED of the TIME SQUARE BALL DROP!!!

// T H E - M I D N I G H T - C E L E B R A T I O N ! :

TONIGHT, we will be doing it up for New Year's eve like no other year!! We have TONS of free giveaways which will make the countdown THAT much crazier (silly string cans, noise makers, party hats, streamers, confetti, & more..). We will also be patching in LIVE AUDIO & VIDEO FEEDS of the BALL DROP from Times Square NY, which will AIR in EVERYROOM OF THE VENUE on 12 foot visual screens! So PLEASE come out with a healthy set of lungs, cause when the clock strikes midnight; YOU CAN SCREAM!! We urge you to get here EARLY, for you do NOT want to miss what we have in store for you when the BALL DROPS!!



Growroom- 413-549-9296

Main Music- 413-739-9092




Spiritual Emp.-860-524-9719


Lunasea- 401-272-5862

(ME & NH):

any Bull Moose Location

for info: www.bullmoose.com


Satellite- 212-995-1744

(Up. NY):

Ego- 518-434-4131


Joyrydestudios.com 802-863-9166






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Originally posted by snatch69

hey there diva, unfortunately there is NOTHING, NADA, SHIT going on here for NYE. go to NY for the excitement!:party::pint:

speaking of which, there is shit going on in DC. I'll probably head to NY also.

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Originally posted by dreamgirlie19

what are you doing? going with....? since we piss people off on the avalon board with side convos ill ask here and see if i get yelled at...what did you end up doing sat night?

:laugh: we went to a party at UNH where our friend was spinning. it was a really really great time. jeigermeister (could care less about spelling right now) bombs, straight shots, good beats, good peeps, we all got so blacked out that not many of us in the room remember the second half of the night.:(

probably going to ny to skip around and see some dj's for a very low price! :D gonna stop off at MSG phirst for phish tixs though.

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Originally posted by snatch69

:laugh: we went to a party at UNH where our friend was spinning. it was a really really great time. jeigermeister (could care less about spelling right now) bombs, straight shots, good beats, good peeps, we all got so blacked out that not many of us in the room remember the second half of the night.:(

probably going to ny to skip around and see some dj's for a very low price! :D gonna stop off at MSG phirst for phish tixs though.

haha nice....

hmm i wanna tag along!!! :letsgo:

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Pravda alway's has a great NYE turnout from what I hear. Ive never been there on NYE but heard great things.

I'll be DJing there this year from 10pm to 3am spinning filtered house, tribal, and vocal house. It's 21+, proper dress, doors are 10 - 3am. Not sure what the cover is yet. As soon as I find out i'll post it here. The packages usually including great food, champange, and breakfest late night.

Also, Tantra is hosting a big after hours starting at 3am and going well past noon on Jan 1st. They are booking most of the DJ's who have done the after hours this year. Rick Naples, Taner K, Nailz, Manolo and many more will be there for sure. Again as soon as I get the whole lineup and more detail i'll post it up.



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