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Anyone hear Louie Devito on KTU from 1 to 2. He was great

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Anyone hear Louie on KTU on Friday Night. I thought from 1 am to 1 40 am, he was great. He played some really good house and trance tracks. I really like that cool song. Some guy was saying, your so cool, everybody is so cool. The first song at 1 am, It might have been called dreams. It had a really good house beat. Then that song before the sexual song. It was played from like 1 18 am to 1 22 am. I thought it was an awesome trance song. It might have been called forever free, but i'm not sure. The song after this trance song was this sexual song with a girl moaning. I was like, wow, KTU is playing stuff like this. Anyone else listen.

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