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Who are ur pixx for NBA allstars?

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please limit to 5 west and 5 east.

mine: east

PG : Jason Kidd - no explanation needed

SG : Tracy McGrady- simply the best in the east cuz A.Iverson is too greedy

SF : Kieth Van Horn- deserves it cuz his numbers are still solid and it aint easy playing 2nd fiddle to A.I.

PF : Jermaine O'Niell- Putting up good numbers and playing team ball.

C : Kurt Thomas - Believe it or not he's got the best numbers in the east for the position.


PG : Steve Nash- Always moving with or without the ball. The most unselfish PG out of the west.

SG : Michael Finley- unbelievably still underated after all these years.

SF : Dirk Nowitzki- great numbers and moves w/ the ball so well for someone his size.

PF : Chris Webber- He's just harder than Duncan

C : Yao Ming- Shaqs deff the best in the west, but I'm boycotting that motherfucker after what he said about his possible knee injury keeping him out of the 2004 olympics.

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My personal picks:


PG - Jason Kidd; No other PG in the east is touching him right now, especially with Baron Davis being hampered

SG - T-Mac; Best SG in the league

SF - Jalen Rose; playing very well this year, but then again he's on a bad team

PF - Jermaine O'Neal - Has been a force and his team has the best record in the east

C - Brad Miller - Ditto


PG - Gilbert Arenas; Not to take anything away from GP, Bibby, Nash, or Dre, but he's pretty much carried the Warriors to a half decent record

SG - Steve Francis - Doing more for the Rocket than Kobe is doing for the Lakers so far

SF - KG; Same

PF - Nowitzki; Best player on the best team in the league

C - David Robinson; Really weak year in the west for Centers (nobody's really playing at all star level except Kandi, when he's motivated), and since it's the Admiral's last season, this would be a good farewell...

(predictions more than personal picks)


Starters: Jason Kidd, Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill, Paul Pierce, Brad Miller

Reserves: Jermaine O'Neal, Zydrunas Illgauskas (will miss with an injury, replaced by Ben Wallace), Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker, Baron Davis (misses with injury, replaced by Jordan), Allen Iverson, Glenn Robinson


Starters: GP, Kobe, Garnett, Nowitzki, Shaq-Fu (will miss with injury, replaced by Olowakandi)

Reserves: Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Elton Brand, Steve Francis (misses with injury, replaced by Bonzi Wells), Tim Duncan, Chris Webber, Mike Bibby

Rookie game:


Caron Butler, Lonnie Baxter, Jared Jeffries, Dan Gadzuric, Dejuan Wagner (who's playing like a sleeper to make the all star team so far), Jay Williams, Carlos Boozer


Yao Ming, Drew Gooden, Amare Stoudamire, Nene Hilario, Manu Ginobili, Marko Jaric, Gordon Giricek, Juaquin Hawkins

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Originally posted by ghhhhhost

isnt the format Rookie vs Sophmore instead of rook vs rook?

True....I forgot they changed it a couple years back.

As for Bibby, the only reason I picked him is becausehe'll be put on the team for what he did to the Lakers in the finals last year

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