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Fryday - Dh!!!

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Morning all! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I can't eat much more food! Time to work out. :)

I know it's only Monday, but I'm so psyched for DH Friday. Friends and I talked about it all weekend, everyone's really excited, should be a good crew going.

As for your place afterwards Brian, should be fun...Ferraro and Tom spinning... kegerator!! Slumberville is kind of a hike though, so I'm not sure yet if Dave and I will be coming, depends on how we feel after the club, but I have a funny feeling we might go. Either that, or we'll just go back to his place. ;) Got to hear Tom spin some more a few weeks ago and Saturday night, he never dissapoints man!:D

Can't wait for him to spin at Jim's on the 27th after Digweed, bunch of guys from WPI should be coming up, and it's much closer! :tongue:

Okay, I need to crawl back into bed now.

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