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Greetings from dirty jerz

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Originally posted by pgiddy

Why is it "dirty" jerz?

Ohh where to start...........

gonna start with the really new and funny jokes about jersey bein dirty. maybe you could be the first to call it the armpit of america, funny DC focker. get over it.

now, back to my original purpose...

what's poppin in DC? is Nation still Nation? is there still a jungle scene down there? who are the big name DJ's? does anyone on this board go to GW?

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Originally posted by jennifera

nations been closed for a couple months already :(

The club is called Nation and it's still open. But Buzzlife no longer throws parties there (which means it's effectively closed for most of us).

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as mentioned by Kuro, Buzz is no longer doing parties at nation. I'm not sure what goes down there on Friday nights now, if anything. Saturday continues to be Velvet (gay party) to the best of my knowledge.

Buzz is now running parties at Trust in Baltimore, and you can find out who's spinning at www.buzzlife.com

If you're looking for jungle on a specific date that you'll be visiting here, I could try to dig up some info on parties, as one of my friends runs jungle, dnb and two-step parties here and there.

Hope that helps :)

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