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male prostitution

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so I was reading a magizine the other day and saw this ad that said something like...

men wanted to have sex with women...earn up to 1,000 bucks a day

so I was thinking to my self...hey I love to have sex...and a grand a day ain't that bad(specaily considering the work)

I think I've have to move to las vegas were its legal

I mean I don't really want to do it forever, but its sounds like a fun way to spend a couple of weeks

plus being able to say my **** made me some $$$$$ would be a big boost to my ego

so uhhh...what do ya'll think?

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you guys would be surprised at what kind of women actually pay guys for sex. i used to think just fat ugly girls or housewives that don't get any from their husbands are the only type of women that will pay for sex. however, last year i read in LOADED about a guy in the uk that was a male escort. usually women pay him to take them out. he wines and dines them, listen to them bitch and moan about the world, and then he has sex with them. it was an interesting article. the guy looked really ordinary, he was no enrique or anything like that. plus the girls that went out with him were not bad looking at all. so check it out. :D

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