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new promos, web site updates


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Been workin' hard, so I hope y'all dig it...

Double disc promo now available for download plus website updates

I'll have hard copies (w/ track markers) for peps I see this weekend if ya want one....otherwise PM me you snail addy and I'll send it to you....

Revalued002 by...Nietzsche

Oct/Nov Promo CD1


_1_ Salome & Ives -Mystic Roya [bedrock]

_2_ Dasein - Ambrosia [CDR]

_3_ G-Pal - Beneath the Surface [shinichi]

_4_ Skinny Monkey - Heavy Vinyl [Fluid]

_5_ Andro - Can't Deny [Mechanism]

_6_ Darko v Greed - Different Danger(mix 2) [sOG]

_7_ D. Ramirez - Bounce Your DJ (Shafunkers) [Choo Choo]

_8_ Graham & Porter - Two days on Lansdowne [bedrock]

_9_ Nicole 11:11 - Out of Control [White]

_10_ Sleepers - Fishbone [Junior]

_11_ Minilogue - Pixelised (Highland) [Vsual]

Oct/Nov Promo CD2


_1_ Filterheadz - Protection [Pitch Black]

_2_ MV - From the Underground [Addictive]

_3_ Patrice Strike - Wonder (dub) [M Trax]

_4_ Circulation - Limited #9 [Circulation]

_5_ Marcelo - Castelli Better Days [Low Pressings]

_6_ Krome Ave - Gaza Strip [Pure]

_7_ Amani v Teapot - Future Dub [Ritual Sounds]

_8_ Bedrock - Emerald [bedrock]

_9_ Debo & Porter - Deported [bedrock]

_10_ Peter Martin - CoDa [Method]

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