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Im sorry but i just cant get enough...


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Originally posted by mattm2o

WTF why the hell is the new server fucking up upload pics?

There's nothing wrong with the server, it's working perfectly fine, see the thing is, it's picky, it doesn't let you upload gay ass Justin Timberlake pictures.

For this I am thankful. :)

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I must say I'm not into the teeny boppers boy bands by any means, (I was when new kids on the block was out:tongue: ) But i am totally feeling Justins new sound.. Both the singles out are hot.. As far as the new video I like it! If its the one i'm thinking of , its the one with the Britney Imposter and the song is about her..

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Originally posted by solbeam

that's the one! :)

..if ya ask me...he rips britney a new one in that video.....kicks the picture....then u know that shot of the girls crack is definitely for britney((i mean...she prob has the world's most famous plumber's crack)).........and video taping them makin-out....kinda like FUCK U....if ya ask me;)

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