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Ski Roundtop Review

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After driving through the snow and pure hell for little more then 2 hrs. and 2 bloody mary's later we arrive. Still trying to shake off the hangover from the previous night, do a bump then hit the bumps. Yesterday will by far be one of the best ski days the mid-atlantic will see all year. The conditions were perfect, the weather was great, and I was with the cutest ski bunny on this side of the Rockies. There were only 5 trails open but it was a good mix of trails, definitely some good bumps. My expectations were not very high at all and I was right, but it was a good place to go for the first time out. I didn't fall all day, so towards the end I come up with a great plan to fall. I'm going to do a 360, which isn't that hard, but the landing can be tricky and thats where I usually fuck up, but not this time my friends. I stick it right under the chairlift and just kept going right to the bottom. The last 2 runs were the best. We figure we're going to leave soon, so why not cut through the trees to get to this trail that is complete powder and hasn't been touched. Go the first time nobody says anything, so we figure do it again, sure enough Mr. Ski Patrol trys catching us, but of course not until we're at the bottom. That was my last run at Roundtop and probably will be forever, not worth the drive for a mountain that's less then a 1,000ft. Also they don't serve booze and it's mostly snowboarders. Some were good though, very nice jumps set up yesterday. Ok enough rambling let me go cure this hangover from last ngith now and these sore legs.........:beer:

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Originally posted by shadygroovedc

The only thing I read was "do a bump then hit the bumps". If you're saying what I think you're saying, then I don't need to read anymore to know that's a killer fucking trip.

Yes it is what you think, quality bumps on and off the mountain....

You can't go skiing without bumps.........

Oh and they're is nothing wrong with snowboarders, the girl I went with is one.........

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