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----Gossip Update---!

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ok so I just read the new US Weekly, and I don't know if anyone cares... but I just felt like posting some updates: ;)

PS I'm a celebrity gossip addict!!!! :D

1. Eminem's brother is trying to get a record deal :laugh: he says he sings much better than his brother :rolleyes:

2. I'm very disappointed that... Britney celebrated her 21st b-day at home in Lousiana w/her family.... that's lame -- go out and party like a rockstar girl - wtf

3. A member of 3LW (lil girl r&B group) was spotted sporting a "J. Ho" t-shirt, but when asked about it, she SWORE it was not an insult to Jennifer Lopez, but yet a statement about the portrayal of women!!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!!

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Originally posted by dknybabe2929

of course chica...its udner the coffe table as we speak,lol

now that's what i like to hear :aright:

mariah actually looked pretty good on the cover.... and did you see her mom?!?!? :eek: she's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

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