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Do you ever look at other people and WISH you could give them a makeover??? Sometimes I'll see someone who has such potential, but they just obviously don't put any effort in... you know bushy eyebrows, frizzy/unstyled hair, baggy clothes (when you know they got a HOT body), poorly done makeup, etc....

I mean I know some people just don't care about how they look, but sometimes I just imagine what I woud do to some people (like my boss at work - what a project that would be!)


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Originally posted by incredulous

Did you hear about that new show on ABC that people are geting makeovers????

but like nose jobs, implants, all these operations, like a true life thing. what will they do next:confused:

YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE MISTER!!! :mad: Submit your own info. tidbits next time!.....

:tongue: Just admit you heard if from the celebrity gossip girl herself.... :D

Yeah but that show is ridiculous..... One girl got a nose job, implants, lyposuction, lasik eye surgery, AND dental work!!!!

Misk - maybe we should go on for our boobies!!! :tongue:

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