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best way to make k

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air drying K is the best way to cook K.. get the most potency and make around 3jars... i only air dry K if i have the time... i cant seem to wait 1day for my K to be ready... its so fucking hard knowing that u have K sitting on a plate ready to be sniffed...

if i cant wait 1day for my K to be ready... i always steam it..!! i think that is the second best way to cook K because u get the most potency out of it.. and make a good amount of K....

never microwave it.!! that is the newbie way of cooking K... u waste so much K.. hope this helps...

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My favorite way is to bake it. Pre heat the oven to 325, put the plate in for about 10-15 minutes (keep an eye on it after 8), and then scrape it up. I don't find the cooking method makes as much of a difference as your scraping method. It is of the essence that you pulverize it as much as you can. After your initial scrape, make a pile, put a dollar bill over it, crush it with a lighter, and then chop it up with a card or razor blade. If you have a finnished product that resembles frosted flakes, the majority of it is going to end up stuck in you nose and will be completely wasted. The finer the powder, the more effective it will be. People sell frosted flakes because it makes the jar/liq ratio higher, but it's kind of like high school girls padding their bras.

If you want to try something different and money isn't really an option, burn the shit out of a liq in the oven, you want to talk about tripping your brains out.:eek:

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