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Colognes & Perfumes

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Originally posted by gordongecko

K boyz and girlz, in ur opinion what is the one cologne/perfume u luv to smell on ur partner or anyone else... thanks

For my honey.... I LOVE Emporio Armani, Armania Mania, Curve (I know it's kinda played out, but it smells damn good)... BUT MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IS: JAPUR!!!!!! :drool:

As for what I like to smell on myself...... D&G BY!!!! :D

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I'm into light blue-D&G right now. My bf's sig. is LaMale so for every holiday I get him something different cause he never varies from it. This Christmas I got him PI- Givenchy, hope he likes it.

PS- Who ever was asking about the Vanilla smelling cologne a few weeks ago the PI is definitely it.

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Originally posted by tommy-c

Quick question....

I have about 10 different colognes...

Is it not good to switch all the time? A just use what im in the mood for. Yay or Nah?

I have a LOT too... But I tend to wear one for a while til I get sick of it..........

It's good to switch, but it's also good to have a signature scent I think......... Whichever you prefer!

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