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Lookin for places to party in London Dec. 20-22

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F r i d a y >>> 20th D e c e m b e r

The Gallery Xmas Party

£10 Members & NUS B4 11.30pm // £12 After // Guests £15 All Night

Pete Tong, Tall Paul, Sister Bliss,

Darren Christian, Steve Lee, Alex Anderson.

>>>>Room 2 : presents....

Lottie (special 5 Hour set)

>>>>Room 3 :Launch: The Asylum (new in 2003)

Brandon Block and Alex P.

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Originally posted by gfunky21

How about some bars, before the afterhours begin? Or just a good area of town with a lot of pubs.

sorry to break it to you...but afterhours doesnt exist in London. most clubs close by 7am, sometimes as early as 3am (turnmills closes between 7 and 8am)

turnmills is really small (the main floor is about the size of Arc's back room), so get there early (it opens at 10). it usually gets filled up by 12...and it will be especially packed since 6 of the resident DJ's there in one night. a couple of tidbits: its owned by Tall Paul's family, and has the best lighting system in the UK. Vibe is off the hook....much better than ANY club ive been to.

and one more thing: no raver gear, sweatpants, or anything with a hood.

same goes for Fabric, although they are a little looser with the dress code (not by much tho)

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Originally posted by gfunky21

Thanks guys!! By the way, what's the scene like at Cross. You mentioned that it might not be my thing. I looked at the website and it seemed like a very cool layout.

I agree The Cross do's look a nice club,but Judge Jules is playing that night and i'm assuming hardhouse/trance isn't your thing thats all.

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