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check this guy out hes f**cken gorgeous!!

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Originally posted by girly

hey i wouldn't have complained if i didn't scroll down and have to see the pic he took of his peepee. now thats class..:laugh:

ewww... i couldn't make it that far... i closed the window about halfway through it... :laugh:

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Originally posted by phuturephunk

. . . I said it on another board, I'll fucking say it again . . . There are certain places that certain people JUST SHOULD . . NOT . . UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES . . GO!! . . . . . . :eek: . . .


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Originally posted by ladyshady

im sorry. i must have forgotten we were in second grade and we point and laugh at overwight people.

no one should be made fun of, you are right on that one.

but seriously the kid knew what he was getting himself into. if he can laugh about it, you can laugh about it.

plus the kid probebly hasnt seen his piece in how long until this website

im sorry that last remark was uncalled for

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as foul as that was, it was equally amazing. i have to admit to not being able to stop scrolling down.

i've always wondered how weight was distributed on the morbidly obese (i now have a much clearer picture), and a few other things. i have to admit to now having more questions, for example-

1. when you're that overweight can you actually have sex, as in penetrate a vagina, i would think that the said individuals penis would be to recessed to be able to touch a vagina let alone penetrate it.

2. if you were walking along, and got a hard on (nobody would notice), would the movement of folds (of skin) against your penis be enough to get you off?

3. can you jerk off, or does fighting your body to get to your penis require so much energy that you are exhausted before you get off?

4. if a chic were to go down on you, would she risk dying of suffocation?

5. when you take a shit, does the shit get out? or does is just smear all over your cheeks.

6. can you wipe your ass, or do you use some sort of hose (i would think that a bidet would be an option, but i can't see it as being big enough, which brings the question of whether or not you can use a regular toilet, or do you need to have a special one built for your ass).

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