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Norweigan Mother Breastfed Puppies

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Norwegian mother breastfed puppies

A Norwegian woman breastfed a litter of puppies after their mother died giving birth to them.

Kine Skiaker, who's 23 and has a three month old baby son, breastfed six of the ten puppies while the other four were given formula milk.

She fed the puppies over a weekend until other dogs could be found to feed them naturally.

The puppies are rare Canary dogs, a powerful type of mastiff, which are often bred as guard or even fighting dogs.

Norwegian daily Aftenposten says Ms Skiaker, of Akershus near Oslo, decided to breastfeed the puppies as she thought they would die without their mother.

"I was told not to breastfeed them, but I still did what I felt was right," she told the newspaper.

"Puppies should be fed every three hours but I fed them more often than that. Each time I heard a noise I gave them my breast."

She fed the puppies, as well as her son Emil, until she and her husband Ivar, with help from a local radio station, managed to find suitable dogs to feed the puppies.

The ten puppies are now divided between three dogs but the Skiakers still haven't decided whether to keep any once they've been weaned.

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