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maybe it's just the malt liquor speaking...

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...but does anyone on this board like anything besides vocals? All I see is Kylie Minogue this, Deborah Cox that, Luz Divina this, vocal mix that, blah fuckin blah...

All I can make it out is that there's either a bunch of gay diva groupies on this board, or a shitload of b-n-t kids with short attention spans that can't listen to 32 bars of beats unless there's some chick spewing some cliche bullshit on top of it...

Well, if everyone's stuck on vocals, then I guess I'll post a few that maybe some of you might like. Sorry they're not tracks with chicks singing, but imagine a girl singing the vocal lines and maybe you'll be able to stomach them.

Neuroticfish - "Wake Me Up (DAC Remix)"

Icon of Coil - "Access & Amplify (Hudlager Remix)"

Covenant - "Call the Ships to Port (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)"

Icon of Coil - "We Need (Water Remix by Sector 9)"

Melotron - "Gib Mir Alles (Nawiegehts-Mussja-Mix)"

Glis - "Nightvision"

VNV Nation - "Genesis (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)"

Icon of Coil - "Repeat It (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix)"

Assemblage 23 - "Document (Schreibgeschuetzt Mix)"

De/Vision - "Heart-Shaped Tumor (Icon of Coil Mix)"

VNV Nation - "Beloved (Hiver & Hammer UK Dub Mix)" trance fans will like this one

Neuroticfish - "Prostitute (NYC Club Mix)"

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