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News Flash! Buster And Defcon Stole The [email protected]!!

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well sheeeit! where do i start? how about, buster taking the cake last [email protected]?!! fuggin a, I dont think i've danced as hard like I did last night! I was extremely dissappointed with q-burns set. he was one of the reasons why i was going to vision. and of course the other is to see ol' scott herman dishing out old school flava' on the wheels of steel! damn buster, dont hurt em' ! So it was definitely a leave it to the locals night:O). I've gotta admit, if it weren't for buster and defcon, I wouldve left that place early. after getting into buster's set, I had NO intentions of leaving at all. and as usual, great to see the usual cp kids. and for those that didnt/couldnt make it out........you get a BIG L engraved on your forehead.

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