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Where the party at?

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Hey what guys & gals, it's comming down to the wire again with less than two weeks left for New Years, It's been a couple years since i spent New Years in NY, I was was wondering if you guys had some suggestions...Want something classy but still off the hook!!! Bringing people from ages 21-26, that love to dace (hip-hop/techo/BEATS!! Looking for help, and hope see you guys out I'll buy you a drink at the open bar:D


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i have to be honest and say that your typical hotel partys are pretty much beat .. they end early and all you have is this up and down music from the 80's to what you definetly dont want to hear.. with people you def. dont want to be dancing next to..like the ones with NO Teeth that just want to grind with the young chics.

But last year was the absolute sickest time i had for new years in a long time. This party was where all the good looking, NO PUNKS, NO FIGHTs...Crowd was.. It was flawless from the music to the rooming situation ( our entire group was on the same floor) to the afterhours to the wee hours of the morning.. which most hotels end at 1.. this went to at least from what i can remember 7 or 8.. ...it was a classy night.. but out of control at the same time..

good looking guys dressed to impress and the girls with slamming outfits.. cuz you know every girl wants to out do the next and it was a great time. : - )

Of course i am def. going again this year.. i was first to get my ticket... i know the party sold out last year pretty quick so dont now if there is space left, but def. want to look into it.

no old folgies!!

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Check out Float for New Years Eve.

located at 240 W 52nd street between 8th ave and broadway

3 floors, all genres of music, hottest people and the hottest party - black out at float new years eve, it will be a night you will never forget!

- 4 hour premium open bar from 10pm-2am

- Hor d'earvs and fine array of finger foods

- full buffet dinner available from 9pm-11pm

- live audio and video feed to times square's ball dropping

- champagne toast at midnight

- chocolate covered strawberries and other pastries and desserts.

All the info is on clubplanet...


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