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Desperately seeking!!

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hi, I need to find an off the hook NYE party in NYC. One that is not outragous in price, and one with a casual dress code MY BOYFRIEND WON"T DRESS UP!!! I Would like to go somewhere I can rip it up on the dance floor to some real house music you know!! PLEASE HELP!!! P.S Something with a fully stocked bar.

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Originally posted by vsoto212

Go to the NYC board I think ARC is like $45-$65 to get in for NYE. Nothing but HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!!

Victor Soto

Vsoto, did Arc get a special liquor license for NYE? Didn't think they served alcohol...

So... are you sure NYC is the place for you being that you don't want to spend a lot and your bf can't go anywhere that he can't wear his levis?

May have a hard time. NYC is usually a 'dress up' type of place and NYE even more so. That's not to say you can't find places to go that are casual but they may be tough to come by for that night, anyway.

You could always hit your local irish pub for the 2 for 1 Natural Light selection but you make look weird tearing up the 'dancefloor' to Steve Miller's greatest hits.

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