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how many = too many

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Early 20's or late 20's? How many were relationships, how many were one night stands? Any sex with OPP?

Sorry, but there are just way too many factors for this question to have any kind of definite answer.

And no, it would be no difference btwn. men and women.

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Originally posted by villavarian

No, I am serious. I did not think it was bad until someone told me so. That is why I am asking. Consider that 7 were in the last 2 years.

Given only these facts, no, I don't consider it enough to be considered "dirty."

Is this you or someone else? (You don't actually have to answer that if you don't want to.) If it's you, then you should know yourself whether or not it was "too much." And if it's not, you shouldn't let someone else's opinion influence the way you look at anyone else. Why would you consider their beliefs to be any better than your own? Always trust your gut instincts.

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