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The "man-Juice" diet

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November 20, 2002 - Wireless Flash

Woman Attempts All-`Man-Juice' Diet

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A woman in Santa Monica, California, is attempting to lose weight in a manner others may not be able to stomach -- an all-semen diet.

Starting December 1, a plump porn star named Kim Kelly hopes to lose between 10 and 20 pounds by spending 30 days on a diet consisting largely of semen -- or as she prefers, "man juice."

It may be hard for you to swallow but Kelly is shooting for at least six square meals a day -- with occasional pigouts.

So far, more than 800 men have offered to help Kelly with her diet and she's currently screening applicants thoroughly for STDs.

Although nutrition experts agree "man juice" is high in zinc and other nutrients, there's no officially recommended daily allowance.

Therefore, Kelly says plans to drink plenty of banana smoothies in between her regular meals because, in her words, "I'm not going to kill myself for this."

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When is this event taking place?

Kim Kelly lives in Los Angeles, California and will be dieting from December 1st through December 31st.

click here to donate your cum

What do I get out of this?

You get to do your part to help keep this wonderful woman alive and well!

Participate in the one of the HOTTEST adult events in the world.

Upon completion, you will receive a copy of the finished DVD of the entire month events.

You can tell your wife, girlfriend, friends, that MAN JUICE really is good for them, Kim even lived on it!

How can I view this event online?


I want donate my MAN JUICE to Kim?

The easiest way to be a part of this is simply entering your email address, along with name and phone number for contact.

click here to enter for a feeding

You will be required to provide the below information at the time of your donation.

Your phone number and e-mail address so we can schedule your feeding in.

Picture of yourself in any attire.

A copy of 2 forms of ID, one of which MUST be a government issued photo ID (driver's license, identity card, military ID), the other can be a credit card, or other bank issued card, or a social security card.

Current Std/Hiv Test Results on Paper.

For more info go to http://aim-med.org/testing.html

Frequently asked questions answered by Kim:

Q: I would love to feed you, but I am worried about being recognized, can I wear a disguise?

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to wear a mask or disguise.

Q: Will I be able to "feed" you more than once?

A: Depending on how many people actually want to get involved, this is definately a possibility, especially if I like how you taste!

Q: Is there any way for me to watch this in person?

A: I am thinking about having at least one day where the public can come down and watch me eat live and in person.

Q: Is there anything I can do to make my "man juice" taste better?

A: Yes, you can start drinking lots of pineapple juice daily. YUM!

Q: Do you really LIKE cum?

A: Absolutely! I love cum, and you all will see how much really soon!

Q: How will you get the "man juice"?

A: Any way I can! Most of it will be taken orally, in a cup, off a plate, etc.

Q: Will we be able to have sex?

A: I love sex! Of course I will want to have sex during the month! I will have to see how I am feeling, but I am sure if I am having plenty to "eat" I will be in the mood, I am a horny woman!

Q: Do you really think you will be able to do this?

A: Yes, I am very confident that I will love this.


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