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how come you hear women refer to their friends as girlfriends... "my girlfriend and i went to movies" or "my girlfriends and i went to out to dinner and we got bombed" but you never hear guys refer to any of their guy friends as "boyfriends" wtf??? not that i want to, and not that i dont think it would be terribly odd, however its just one of those things that you never see/hear... i dont get it...

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Originally posted by bkissa

men are more homophobic than women.

and women are more comfortable talking like that then men

I think it's the simple fact that guys don't want to look the least bit 'gay' or 'homo' , cuz it interfears with their 'manhood'

with women, if they say 'my girlfriends', it's the same as friends. If guys say "boyfriends", it's meant as more.

mere semantics thegrey.gif

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