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the spirit of x=mas

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I personally believe. I was at a liqour store today, getting some wine for the family dinner. This obviously homeless guy walked, I mean stumbled, in with something in his hand. As I stood, there with my son sleeping in one arm and the other arm reaching for my wallet, it was hard to avoid the odor of urine pertruding off of this whino's body. I couldn't look him in the eye, because I would have only portrayed a look of total disgust. Yet, something made me want to stay to see what this man's intentions were. Well, my heart completely sank when he turned to the female clerk, with a look of embarrasment, and handed her a Christmas card and wished her only the best for her holidays. My intrigue made me stay a few moments longer. Anyone who knows me, knows my continual observance, as well as addition, to obscure human nature. To top it off, the homeless, body odor stricken, stumbling, drunk, poor excuse for a human had enclosed $100 in the card. The clerk started to cry, and the man said, "I have no use for it. Other than making myself sicker than I already am. Please, take it, buy your beautiful son some clothes and food. Don't let him end up like me".

and that there, proved to me, that Santa Clause does exist. He may not be a living being. But he is the spirit. The love. The joy. The happiness that lives in us all. When you see a smile on a child's face, or a tear in a lonely liquor store clerk's eye, or the humbleness of someone struggling to live...only then, do you know what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


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