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dj blake fresh... newest (thunderpuss mix)...

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Talk To Me... (Thunderpuss Mix)

Catch Me If You Can

2002 Arista Records

(black bouncer voice)

oh and this is your party???

let me guess youre prolly on the list??? arent you!

this is my party and i want to dance!!!

(black bouncer voice)

you want to fuck this??? arent you!?

how many are you??? i hope you aint got them drugs on yah'?! (goes into robot dance)

<party enters club>

(random gangsta bitch)

i hope you brought my tampons...

<party walks onto dance floor music starts>

<old school guido song> girl i can find your love...babie i see it ..dont you


you gotta be a...ONE...you gotta ..ONE......

(freestyle love song smooove cassonova voice)

one is the loniest number...

two with out you...

is like no other...

i dont know... its not easy being green...just fuck me...

just fuck me...

just fuck me...

just fuck me...

just fuck me...

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