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Originally posted by codica3

Making postWHORE.inc proud! :aright:

you got it :D

and to answer dgs quandry: I am a fan of GMC trucks, am un underground cook , and hail from the great state of New York

therefore, in smilie language: blazer-lightblue.gifchefico.gifmapimage?MAPData=mEfVffhyzy2PiC8XebvzMbG_795JDz7NWTIHBd.4RtC2CQ_Cac9jWdFGZiRTqmhBHgzuLc.Lo.GZ.JRW6mUIXEXdb_MC1IVLx1yx14rT_zW.iPDer7xv07b4WML0zEA-


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