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quick question..

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I'm still learning my ways on my pc, and was hoping someone could help me with this one..

How do I go about taking a disc that I bought and putting it up on Soulseek to share? Do I need some kind of additional software or plug-in etc.?

Thanks for any help..


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Rip the track(s) you want to share (remember copyright) using either musicmacth, windows media player or any recorder of choice. Go to the recorder options and set the preferences such as format (choose .mp3), bit rate (for better quality choose 192 kps or above; the higher the kps the bigger the file and better quality), select the folder where you want the track(s) to be saved in (in most cases the default location is My Music but you can always change that or you can move the file to soulseeker's shared folder later.

Have Fun!:)

Feel free to ask any questions.

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