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??? dont really know what you mean.

Most of the times when K comes in the vial it is 100mg per ML so for every ml of liq there is 100mg of K. This is usefull if your injecting it, but if you cook it to a powder doesnt really mean shit because you are going to evaporate the liquid off anyway.

if that doesnt answer your question, state it a little more clearly.

btw a ml is the same as a cc.

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The mg/ml is very important and should be paid attention to. I've seen 1000 mg per 10 ml and 500 mg per 10 ml. The reason it's important is that if there's 500 mg of k in a liq, then you're only going to have 500 mg of k when you have evaporated all the liquid. Anybody that's ever cooked up a liq and gotten about half of what they expected has gotten a 500mg per 10 ml liq.

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