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~Happy New Year~

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hi guys...

about to start getting dressed... dunno where my night will take me but i just wanted to take a sec and wish everyone a happy new year...

hope you guys have an incredible night

to those who don't get kisses at midnight... im there with ya... :makeout: there!


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Happy New Year's to you all, from the traitor, Me.

Yes i didn't ever get out of the house all vacation.

I was chained here taking care of the family, doing errands and constantly chores for everyone. I never got to go dancing or even see any of my friends.

I'm rather sick of being monopolized by my family and given a guilt trip that i'm ignoring them when i go off by myself...

so have a very happy new year's and i vow to see you all this coming year with increasing regularity. ;)

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Originally posted by erica127

Happy New Years to all of you & i hope you guys had a great & safe nite...i didn't get my midnite kiss but i still had a blast because i was with all my friends

i had an amazing night... no spectacular new years kiss but i was surrounded by my best friends and got kisses and that was just as good...

last night was an awesome way to start out the new year... i hope everyone had a great night ... :grin:

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