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God..how hot are chics that work in banks?!?!?!


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No joke...whatever branch of my bank i happen to go to...wheather the one down the street or in the next town over....there is nothing but pure oozing hotness that work there.

In fact...there is one particular girl i would extremely love to go on a date with but then this question pops into my head:

If i were to date her....its kinda creepy since she knows my entire financial status and other things about me including my social security number.

So its like..i could just see it now...

::my phone rings::

girl in bank: Mike let's go out tonight

Quoth: Hun, im really tired and really tight on cash

::sound of keyboard typing::

girl in bank: BITCH WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!? I just punched in your account number and it says you have a balance of $7,500

Quoth: ::hangs up and gets a restraining order::

so yea..thats my life for ya lol...full of nothing but double standards when it comes to girls.

in any event..how is everyone and more importantly where is tastyt's fuckable ass? :laugh:

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Originally posted by quoth



I know what Q is talking about. I work in a town where there are a lot of Spanish senoritas, and some work at the Banks here.

They wear those flowery tops, and nice flowing skirts.

And, they know a thing or 2 about money. Damn, what a turn on :laugh2:;)

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Originally posted by nympho69

haha me too

ive probably seen one teller whose ok

besides that everyone else that works in banks are usually mutants

just look at the people who usually major in finance

oh boy im so bad.....

ouch, that hurts. Some what are you trying to say about those of us that majored in finance?


That we are mutants? or that we are usually very, successful and well paid?

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