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i have two midterms today...one i need to type, the other study 300+ pages for...got the typed one halfway done,then realized i was writing about the wrong war (supposed to write about causes of revolution...fuck!), and i barely opened the book. am i the only lazy person that does this...it's so stupid, and it's my fault...but sometime doing homework just sucks...:blown:

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I'm weird with school work... most of the time I leave it until the last possible minute since I work much better under pressure

But sometimes I get this surge of motivation and do things well in advance

With writing papers, it's just the getting started that kills me, once I get in the flow, I'm fine.....

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i leave things till the last day/minute. because i work very well under stress and pressure and usually my papers even turn out better..because i'm forced to make them good...

i need to stop partying 24/7 and get some studying done...:laugh:

as i say this, i'm being invited to yet another beach party....hard to balance a booming social life and a booming academic life :tongue:

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