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I can't find the addy, but there's a website I used to go to when I was interested and researching boob jobs. If I recall correctly, women who had a second operation said it wasn't as bad the second time. But it sounds just a wee bit excessive IMO.

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...i may be wrong, but i think ninadd has had hers done....may want to ask her...my friend's wife is going back but more because an air bubble developed...and yet another friend of a friend is going back because one punctured...so i guess i cant really help you..

...you know i heard there are ones that are "adjustable" but i dont know too much about them...

...maybe you should show us a picture and let the audience decide...or at least gawk...;)

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Phattie- yeah, there are "adjustable" ones, lol, but you can't adjust them forever. Once the implants have settled a bit the dr is able to add or remove saline through a valve as desired. But the valve is removed after a short period of time.

Mimi- breast feeding is possible, as long as the implants are inserted below the muscle. I don't see why they'd affect the taste of the milk.

Funny how someone can know so much about something she's basically opposed to... :screwy:

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Originally posted by dolcemimi

I also have a Q for ladies w/ implants.

Can you lactate ? Will you be able to breastfeed your babies in the future w/ implants ?

And would implants effect the taste of breastmilk ?

Anyone know ??

...no effect...EXCEPT..the friend that has the air bubble i mentioned above...well that was from breast feeding...so no effect on lactating or the milk, etc...but it could impact the implant itself...

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