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Big Thanks to Tranza.....

Guest saleen351

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Guest saleen351

Recommended Mistress Barabra MB02......

This Cd should come with oven mits... Its that hot!!!!!!!!! She rocks and I can't wait for the www.cooljunkie.com wmc party.... She's playing there with Oscar and many others...

Good call Tranza......

PS don't think since i'me being nice to you just this once, that i won't hammer your fucking track posts...

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Originally posted by tranza


Tranz, a few things

1. i take back all the jokes i said about you, which were very few, but after seeing some of your recent posts i think the exact oppostite of you as i had in the past, i see why u act the way u do, etc etc, no hard feelings kid

2. have you been to factory since its reopened? comments on it? opinions? that is if u have been there


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Originally posted by tranza


never any hard feelings ;) its only a messageboard :D

what are your thoughts on the current crowd at factory since it reopened? been there since?

curious, cause i have been to the last 2 sats, and i thought it was too sausage for me, plus the music has been Ehhhh, so i dont know about factory for me for awhile, even though i was a regular, curious to hear what u have to say

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