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§ WANTED:21+ in DnB+techno•BYOB strongly suggested §

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• studio-alias in assoc. w/ B.L.P. presents A.L.I.A.S.

• sat. 03.08 and sat. 03.15 but every friday thereafter...

• lineups thru Friday, April 25 + venue upgrades listed below...


• Mark EG is a performer that has to be seen to be believed. The man destroys his vinyl, inflicts wounds over his body and possesses energy and spirit that truly taps into the original UK scene of the early 90s.

• Often called the hardest-working DJ in the UK hard dance scene, his unbelievable stage presence and madcap antics behind the decks (eating records, terrorizing a pair of Technics with a spade live at Helter Skelter) can’t help but draw the listener into his unquestionably individual style. A giant persona both in personality and in his exceptional musical ability, his first appearance in DC/B-more at the opening night of A.L.I.A.S. will be seared in your memory forever. DO NOT MISS THIS RARE U.S. APPEARANCE!!!

• You thought Donald Glaude was pure energy? Or maybe The Prodigy? Check out all four video links of Mark EG’s set this past summer in Cali, come to A.L.I.A.S. on Saturday and decide for yourself. The videos are brief, but they convey the message -- http://www.ravelytes.com/videos/video2.html

• Here’s an interview with Mark EG — why he’d rather work in Wal-Mart than be a “superstar DJâ€: http://www.technopunkmusic.com/Pages/Music%20Reviews/markeginterview.html

• and find all the scoop on http://www.markeg.co.uk/


SATURDAY.march.08.2003: escape hatch

MARK EG || Bonzai | Cluster | Planet Rhythm | Club Xperiments | UK ||

CHRIS WARIN || DcSkillz.com | RhythmRepublic.com | metro DC/Bmore ||


RICKY RICARDO || syndromeindustries.com | dirtboxradio.com | metro DC/Bmore ||



DJ illEffect || syndromeindustries.com | ini | paranormal prod. | metro DC/Bmore ||

| 4-hour drum 'n' bass vs. UK 2step garage soundclash - starting at 10 p.m. |


MARK EG is one of the UK’s legendary underground DJ’s – someone who has been consistently playing his `hard dance` sound on dance floors throughout the UK and Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Thailand and Eastern Europe for many years. His unique (seen to be believed) physically explosive performances have gained him a cult following of fans. He has been scene championing the `harder edge` of the dance music scene not only as a DJ but also as a journalist writing for M8, DJ and Mixer (USA). As a producer he has released records with the likes of Chris Liberator, Dave The Drummer, Uppercut, Cluster, Hydraulix and Blueline (USA), demonstrating his ability to cross between techno, acid techno and a hint of hard trance.

‘CLUB XPERIMENTS` features 17 `hard dance’ tracks from many top DJ’s and producers and delivers a mix that, although focusing a more techno-based sound, incorporates influences that have led to the recent development of `hard dance’. It offers an insight into where the `sound is and progressing to`. This serves as a basis for further exploration as producers, DJ’s and clubbers alike search for something new – something original.

cd released 10.03.03 (March 10, 03)


SATURDAY.march.15.2003: duck-and-cover

!!! after tonight A.L.I.A.S. moves to every Friday !!!

TOTAL SCIENCE || C.I.A. | Advanced | Metalheadz | UK ||

BARON || C.I.A. | Outbreak | L Plates | UK ||

JOHN TAB || www.buzzlife.com | metro DC/Bmore ||

K-YUN || In The Mix | StoneFinger | K-Yun.com | metro DC/Bmore ||

GEE WHY || Metrotechno | Metatrack | metro DC/Bmore ||


FRIDAY.march.21: escape hatch w/ chris c. from mohawk records

FRIDAY.march.28: duck-and-cover “piece†rally — free pizza + the empress

FRIDAY.april.04: duck-and-cover w/ a-sides

FRIDAY.april.11: escape hatch w/ mark verbos

FRIDAY.april.18: duck-and-cover w/ influx datum

FRIDAY.april.25: escape hatch w/ miss thunderpussy from djax


• strictly: drum 'n' bass | techno | hard-dance

• no dress code

• 21+over only | photo ID's mandatory + strictly enforced

• 10 p.m. - late

• check out the décor and seating changes below installed by march 8: http://www.buzzlife.com/mssg_brd/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11890

• this is not a club | studio space meets all required permits | zero tolerance drug policy

• B.Y.O.B. because Y.W.A.B. (yeah, we're all broke)

• admission $15 || NO GUEST LIST || dj's fees covered by 300 paying customers

• Buzzlife continues Saturday nights at Trust (Baltimore) w/ progressive, house, breaks, trance



The money you would've spent at a bar anywhere else more than pays for the cover charge here, b/c of the b.y.o.b. policy. We mean no disrespect to local DJ's, promoters, producers, artists, etc. We have to pay DJ fees, the agents booking fee, the flights (often from Europe) and of course hotel rooms, not to mention the investment in sound and decor that went into the space. Multiply the capacity by the cover charge and see what we have to work with. Thank you for understanding.


• this intimate event features 2 expanded lounges and 2 mini lounges, each w/ a different color scheme

• color-coordinated decor and other upgrades to be completed by march 8!

• complimentary mixers + byob policy means BIG $$$ savings for you

• selectively picked, professional and polite (except when provoked) security team

• plenty of FREE PARKING • lounge seating • 30' ceiling above dancefloor

• 75 deluxe beanbags ordered -- color-matched with room decor.

• JTA bass-heavy sound system -- John Tab Approved! No worries jungle crew!

• as this was once a studio, the buildings walls are completely soundproof.

• outside the venue, no sound is heard at all beyone 50' -- soundproofing in action!


• techno + drum 'n' bass BOTH will be featured EVERY week.

• If the headliner is a drum 'n' bass DJ, the four timeslots will be: TTDD.

• If the headliner is a techno/hard dance DJ the four timeslots will be DDTT.

• D=drum'n'bass T=techno


  • Tickets are $15 and available now (until event sells out) thru Pay:pal.
  • This studio recording event is strictly 21 and over.
  • BYOB — beer, beverages, liquor, etc.
  • We will provide cups, mixers and ice. You check your alcohol when you first enter the studio.
  • For full renovation and upgrade details to be completed by March 8, click here: http://www.buzzlife.com/mssg_brd/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11890
  • LIMITED CAPACITY so buy tickets online as soon as you are able!
  • The studio was originally licensed and previously owned by Fleetwood Mac. Some of their later albums were recorded here. The location is off Guinea Rd. in Fairfax, VA. We will email the exact address and directions after you purchase your ticket.

To purchase tickets follow these steps:

§ Go to www.pay:pal.com

§ Register your own free Pay:pal account — in fact THEY PAY YOU $5 to register. If you already have a Pay:pal account just log in. Once you’ve registered, proceed to log into your account.

§ Click on SEND MONEY tab at top. Your money will be sent to Andrew Flint’s corporate Pay:pal account. Andrew throws the GIVE parties at the Studio where A.L.I.A.S. is held. You will be asked to fill in the following fields below.

§ Recipient’s email: flint@comitigate.com

§ Amount: $15 (if purchasing more than one ticket, please adjust total amount accordingly -- $30, $45, $60, etc.)

§ Currency: U.S. Dollars

§ Type: Service

§ Subject (not optional): A.L.I.A.S. tickets for March 8, 2003 (or March 15, 2003) -- see note below

§ Notes (not optional): please include the following information in the notes field — all information must be completed or your name will not appear on the pre-sale list the night of the party.

  • Full Legal Name as it appears on your ID
  • Email address
  • Age: (must be 21 or over)
  • Birthdate: month . day . year
  • Number of tickets purchased: (this will determine how many guests are with you). Two tickets purchased means Jane Doe + 1. Four tickets purchased means John Doe + 3.
  • For now, tickets are only available for March 8 and March 15. Specify which date you want. If you’re buying for both dates, please be specific on the number of tickets you are purchasing on each date.
  • DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET IF YOU ARE NOT AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE. We are strictly carding people at the door.
  • Thank you, and we’ll see you this weekend!


§ A.L.I.A.S. always trust in the underground §

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