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Evil Clowns


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Originally posted by elementx

Hey where have you been. Havn't seen you post much lately. :confused:

Lately I've been spending alot of time in the fiery pits of hell (Brooklyn), where computers are scarce. Thanks for noticing that I've been on hiatus from CP.

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I saw this movie a longggg time ago called "Clownhouse" and it scared the shit out of me..& since then ive hated clowns. But whenever im in the mood 2 torture myself w/ a scary movie I try 2 rent that....But no1 ever has it or even heard of it..Ne1 else ever seen or heard of that movie?:confused:

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This movie was about guys who went & killed the clowns in the circus & stole their costumes.. Then they lurked kids away form the circus & did some nasty gruesome stuff 2 them.. I was 12 when i saw the movie & i dont remember details.. But that was enough give me a bad taste on clowns

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