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okay WHat the helL


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Originally posted by Codica3

Sorry.. :(

And Scott said he was heading for work and he'd be back on around 9:30ish.

I have been at work all night. Not heading to work. I just had to get back to my work. I had some shit to do for the morning crew. But I am here now. And no one is here. :(

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Originally posted by Mystify22

kthxforthetip Martha Stewart....

Also, when are we reconvening? I need a dose of freakiness

FreakiFelineMamaCholupa... we can reconvene whenever you like.. Now that Im over 1,000 i got the ITCHHHHHHHHHHHHH..


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Originally posted by deeelite1


Reeni - Ironing nude isn't very practical, i Mean there is the possiblity of droppin the iron and burning things .



and i need a dose of felinefreakyness

everyone needs to bringthereasses2nyc

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