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Attractive Piercings ??


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Originally posted by jimk29

I have my ears, my labret, and my tongue... I don't like eyebrow piercings becuase i think they take away from any symmetry that the face already has.

Eyebrows rings are also not a good idea bc they scar really bad & thats a permanent scar on your face =/..But I still they look good!

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i've had my tongue pierced on two seperate occasions, since removed, and other than that, just my cartilige high on my left ear, since removed.

i think on a girl, a navel piercing is the sexiest. depending on the girl, an eyebrow ring is hot, and so is a nose ring, but not the septum. anything sexual pierced is also hot(tongue, nips, clit, etc.)

i would consider getting my eyebrow(s) done, and also my tongue again.

oh, yeah, and i once pierced the web between my thumb and forefinger, just to break up some boredom. but i never put anything in the hole to retain it.

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a girl with a killer stomache and a belly piercing is hot as hell, but if you have even a little pouch... dont call attention to it!!!

and pealing down a girls thong for the first time to find out that she has her hood pierced, is pretty fucking sexy! (especially when it isnt expected, like she doesn't have a bunch of other piercings)

Tounge is OK.. but kind of mundane these days. The equivilent of a girl getting a little tattoo on her lower back... it can be cool, just depends on the girl and her attitude.

but thats just my opinion... your mileage may vary.

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Originally posted by drmoxx

i think that's the part of the ear you would press in to not hear anything.

part close to ur face

Yep, it's that little triangle.

Here's my laundry list:



-two other ear cartilege piercings (I've heard various names for them, altho rook and conch are the most common)


Since removed:

-2 more in my ears


-2 in my tongue



I wouldn't mind getting my nose re-pierced and wearing a small stud in it.

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