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What do u recommend for a stuffy nose after coke?

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Originally posted by bumpdaddy

One word-------- Flonase

Theres nothing better

Werd - That shit rocks :rock: and it's good for just about any type of nasal congestion. I like to hit the flonase b4 and after a night of inhaling anything thru the nose.

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Can I just say for everybody reading this DO NOT!! Use vaseline on the inside of your nose!! And without a doubt DONT!! sniff Vaseline like a couple of people have suggested. Ingesting or even inhaling Vaseline can be life threatening, when vaseline comes in contact with fats and oils which your skin contains, it dissolves much worse the lining of your nose, lungs and mouth do not contain oils causing the vaseline to stay intact and collect. So inhaling vaseline collects in your lungs causing life threatening pneumonia, also known as lipoid pneumonia. Due to it being caused by excess oils in the lungs it causes severe inflammation. Also meaning it’s is extremely hard to treat. Don’t use vaseline on the inside of your nose!! 

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It’s been a while since I’ve done cocaine but I’ve come to learn that just blowing your nose or nasal spray does not always help, especially when you have shit coke. It gets caked inside your sinuses and it’s hard to get out. I’ve also learned that as great as nasal spray is, a lot of people tend to forget that the sinuses are also connected to so many other cavities in your head. Don’t forget to wash your eyes out with eye drops, nasal spray, massage behind your ear and down the side of your neck. The nose isn’t the only thing that is effected by coke, it travels so be sure to also take care of the other areas that is effected by it.

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