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The Big I Told You So...

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Its going to be interesting to see how this war plays out....It gonna give some pretty big bragging rights to either supporters or peaceniks.....I'll be sure to rub it in you little birkenstock hemp wearing bud toking tree hugging liberal tarts....



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Interesting thread...

O'reilly asked Garofalo is she would come on the show and admit she was wrong if things went well in Iraq---she said yes.....Mike Farrell said no--

Same question for the anti-war crowd here----If you are wrong, which history (short and long) will prove in my opinion--

Will you admit it?

I would

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Originally posted by guyman1966

If I'm wrong an Sassa is right, I'll convert to Islam.

You make that sound like it's a degrading thing to do. Islam is a beautiful religion. But you are very narrow minded, you choose to see Islam from the eyes of these terrorists. If you had any common sense, you'd realize that Islam has strong ties to both Christianity and Judaism, self professed religions of "peace"...

But I don't think you are capable of doing that.

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Originally posted by igloo

She is cranky today---on every thread..

I think she is realizing that the months of debate will prove

her "kind" were on the wrong side of the issue.....


wrong. i'm cranky because i have finals ....

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funny i thought jesus was in jail? everyone that goes to jail says they found jesus.

as far as the war goes there will be no i told you so's. no matter how well the war goes the anti-war peeps will not say its ok. if one person dies it gives them argument that the war was wrong. and if shit does go bad the propoganda machine will clean it up.

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i think if shit goes bad the propaganda, facts, anti-americanism will lower our standing in the international community big time....big big big time.......it will be very tough to cover-up anything with every eye in the world watching your actions.....collateral damage is going to be a huge factor....

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Right and wrong about what?

If Bush wins this war, why would there be a "I told you so"? I never said he wouldn't. Collateral damage is what its about. If all the Iraqis(not just the Kurds) are on the streets celebrating because they're liberated, then I'll probably say, "yeah, you were right". But then, a year, or two, or three down the line, if multiple nations went to war with each other because they now follow the "pre-emptive strike" doctrine, then I'm sorry, I'll have to say "I told you so". If this new policy leads to a new arms race, or even something worse, then I think this war will be a dismal failure - with regards to the overall picture.

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