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I Love This Board!!

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As boring as it is right now, and trust me its fucking boring, this board owns the world. No bullshit war threads or any of that shit. Our lives are stressful enough without sitting in front of our computers and bitching all day.

Im gonna take some of the boringness (word?) this board has endured upon myself. This is a public service annoucement to all rave, sorry "party", promoters that have stopped posting:

COME BACK!! I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! While in Miami, I realized what clubbing and dance music is all about. Its about unity. The desire for everyone to be happy together. This was achieved by partying with hundreds of people all ROLLING FACE! It was so beautiful. Now i realize why you have devoted your entire post-pubescent lives to these parties. There is no greater joy than hearing a siimasickve drumroll, and looking at all your best friends gnawing their gum apart, and jumping up and down in a DXM-enduced bliss. I have seen the light. Now all i ask is....COME BACK!!!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE I CAN DO THIS MORE OFTEN!

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I'm glad you have finally come to your senses and realized what it's all about.... recreational drug use. Remember, you can't spell Rolling Ur Phucking Face Off without PLUR!

And this board has sucked since you scared the promoters away. Now the only one we've got left is groovefire... and although he's more than making up for it with countless, shameless, self-promotions threads.... he fights back, which isn't nearly as much fun. Oh, and he doesn't plug nearly enough hip-hop or Hi-NRG trance.

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