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For those of you who missed Global DJ Broadcast on Party 93.1, here's your chance to catch some awesome sets by: Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, DJ Icey and so many more! We are currently re-broadcasting all the special edition WMC sets from 93.1 on GrooveMiami.com Radio Online.


Here is the current line-up (in order)

Above & Beyond [50:12] <---- Now Playing as of 4:20PM EST

Ben Lost [50:05]

Markus Schulz [55:52]

Danny Sullivan [51:20]

Dave Ralph [56:57]

Markus Schulz [51:32]

D-Fuse [49:55]

DJ Concept [54:58]

Markus Schulz [52:14]

DJ Icey [52:51]

Satoshi Tomiie [51:03]

Markus Schulz [48:36]

Paul Van Dyk [50:52]

Markus Schulz [52:40]

Mr C [37:07]

Paul Van Dyk [52:04]

Markus Schulz [51:03]

Paul Van Dyk [51:02]

Marco V [54:52]

Tiesto [50:43]

Evolution [52:05]

Judge Jules [49:06]

Graham Gold [51:10]

G-Pal [51:10]

Gabriel & Dresden [54:29]

Almost 24 hours non-stop music!!!

Come check it out: http://www.groovemiami.com

Thanks for your time and of course.....ENJOY!!!!!

GrooveMiami.com Staff / Online Radio Dept.


P.S. We also have Ultra 5 pictures posted up! We took over 400 pictures and will have most of them online on the days to come. Check out the one's we got now!

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